Are Blogs a Thing of the Past? by Marilyn Meredith

My answer is I certainly hope not. However that was one of the things I heard at the conference on Saturday. I also heard Facebook was not effective nor was Twitter, and the things that are I don't use much or at all. Pinterest, Videos, and some other things.

We heard so many things that authors should be doing for marketing if you did them all there would be no time left to write or live a full life.

So what should an author like me do?

First, I love blogging. Writers like to write (at least they should) and for me this is good way to let people know my thoughts about things, what I'm doing and writing, announce new books, show off new covers, and whether you're interested or not, what's going on in my family.

I love blogging, and I hope others like to read my blogs.

This one will be short because every time I'm gone for a few day I have lots to catch up on. I'll share more that I heard at the conference in the next few days.


Time Slipped Away From Me

This has been a most busy time--though in earlier years, what's been going on would have been a breeze. The older I get, the longer it takes me to do things.
I forgot all about writing a new post.

I finished editing the two first books in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series--have two more to go.
I'm working on a new Tempe mystery and it's going great--so I hate to have to do other things.
But so far this week hubby and I had a doc appointment--all is well, just regular 3 month check. 
I am home today, but need to do a project for someone--one that has priority over my writing.
Because I'm going to the coast on Friday because I'm going to be on a panel Saturday at the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime--I need to think about packing. Hoping to squeeze in a haircut, but my gal is on vacation, need to see where else I can go.
Tomorrow is our grocery shopping day--always a busy day. Plus it's my writing group which means I'll have a chapter to fix on Thursd…

What I'm Working On--Old and New

The old is Deadly Trail which first came out from Hard Shell Word Factory years ago. It actually should have been first before Deadly Omen. When I approached the publisher for the series, she only wanted Deadly Omen, Unequally Yoked, Wing Beat, and Intervention. Mundania Press has done a bit of republishing, and soon they will all be republished and available. I've actually signed five new contracts with them.

I re-edited Deadly Omen and sent it off. Now I'm working on Deadly Trail. And yes, it does need re-editing. I'm not bringing it up to date with cell phones, etc., but taking care of my excessive us of ellipses and exclamation points. And because it is so old--I had to take care of double spaces after periods.
Both those books were written and saved in Word Perfect, so there have been other issues especially with the formatting--all of this is time consuming.
In the meantime, I'm also working on a new Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery--and I have to at least write a c…

Snow Angel by Jackie Taylor Zortman

It was exciting when UPS showed up late yesterday afternoon with that big box filled with my latest novel SNOW ANGEL (Detective Max Richards Book 2). All of you know the excitement when we get to finally hold our book (or is it new baby?) in our own hands.
Detective Max Richards Book 1 is my PSWA first-place award winning FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST. Although SNOW ANGEL is a sequel, it can easily stand alone and be read with no confusion related to the first book. There are a lot of authors ahead of me in the pipeline at my new publisher Aakenbaaken & Kent, but Mike has offered to put the Kindle version of FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST up on temporarily for those who are curious about the first book. It’s already available as a Nook on
In SNOW ANGEL when Detective Max Richards and his sister suddenly inherit their mother’s estate, they find an old wooden box on a shelf in her bedroom closet. It reveals a secret she kept carefully hidden and connects them to a statues…

Seldom Traveled receives Distinguished Favorite Award

Marilyn Meredith receives national recognition through the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD®! ​ (Springville CA 93265) -- The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD recognized Seldom Traveled in the mystery category of  as a distinguished favorite.
The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected award Winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.
The official blurb for Seldom Traveled:
The tranquility of the mountain community of Bear Creek is disrupted by a runaway fugitive, a vicious murderer, and a raging forest fire. Deputy Tempe Crabtree is threatened by all three. ​
In 2018, we again had a most impressive worldwide participation: cities such as London to Moscow to San Francisco, and many countries such as Australia, Canada, India and Japan, and across the globe had books to submitted to the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD. 

More Resurrections

While my Rocky Bluff titles are all being resurrected in re-edited form with new covers, some changes are being made in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series--which of course means more work for m. Not complaining, because it's a good thing.

Deadly Omenwas first published as a trade paperback. The publisher after doing four books in the series, passed away. I received copies of three of the books.
As of this time, I've either sold or given away all copies of Deadly Omen.
Mundania Press is going to republish it. I've re-edited it and it will receive a new cover.
The first book in the series was Deadly Trail and first published by HardShell Word Factory. HardShell was bought out by Mundania. Deadly Trail languished. It didn't look like the rest of the series. It is going to be revived once I re-edit it. Quite a dilemma because I want to finish writing the newest in the series.
The only recourse is to balance the writing--work on the new book to keep a chapter ahead for my crit…


When I began writing a long, long time ago, my stories were basic mysteries.  A crime happens and my protagonist becomes involved.  Through good investigative techniques and luck, he finds vague clues and puts them together to uncover the criminal.  I say basic because, I suppose, that’s about every mystery that has ever been written.
However, over the years, as my protagonist has changed from Ace Edwards, Dallas PI, to Tom Edwards, S FL PI . . . and eventually to Beth Bowman, S FL PI, I find that my stories have become more real life, more based on the headlines in the news.  
For example, Tom Edwards rescued a thirteen-year-old runaway, then backtracked to discover why she ran.  His investigation (THE RUNAWAY) led him to her father who had been shoved out of her life when she was very young.  During the course of the writing, Tom (and I) discovered a lot about runaway teens, why they run and what happens to them.
Then a five-year-old girl was kidnapped and it became Beth Bowman’s job t…